Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Welcome to Sideline Babe, premier post

Hi All, 
Welcome to my new blog called: Sideline Babe, a place for all things sports, style, sport cuff news, sideline news, food, events, entertainment and babes.

In addition to sporty fun, we will host interview sessions, onsite reporting, photo shoots, visit Sideline Babe affiliates, house parties, tailgating fun, man caves and of course girl caves.

We will explore all areas of sports and every sport, even international such as Rugby, Croquet, and Soccer, local sports, college, recreational and backyard.

Concerts, rock and music events, festivals are all welcome here too. Show spotlights, radio conversations, will also have a presence here. Look for our podcast w/fellow sport enthusiasts and the ladies perspective on sports and fun.

I'm a girl who comes from a huge sports oriented family, played various sports and create within that environment. I'm always on some kind of adventure, and never know where it will take me, now I can share them here on the Sideline Babe Blog.

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The first post will be a bit dated from some years back, its my Dominican Republic, Red Sox Adventure!


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