Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Volleyball Anyone?

Volleyball Sport Cuffs My sports cuffs aren't limited to just baseball, softball and football, I also offer basketball, tennis, derby, nascar, billiard, poker/gamble talisman, sailing, and volleyball, like most of the other cuffs (some exclusions), the volleyball cuffs are made from actual volleyballs, gutted, cut, holed, lined. stitched and embellished. Volleyball Sport Cuffs All the volleyball cuffs, like soccer cuffs are created from whatever volleyball styles that are in stock, no two are exactly alike due to the variations of these type of sport balls. So whether you love the sport of volleyball, surfing or the beach, these cuffs are sure to fit your style and love of that scene. Volleyball Sport Cuffs Volleyball Sport Cuffs The volleyball cuffs come simple stitched, pearl lined stitched and/or blinged out w/a brooch or rhinestone lettering, all are metal lined, unless a clasp is desired. Volleyball Sport Cuffs My volleyball cuffs will get you ready for the warm summer season and add to your summer style. xoxo Lisa

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